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      September 14, 2014
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      At last!  Well almost.  After months of discussion and planning with Ehresman Associates, our architects and consultants, and while simultaneously waiting for our cash balance to accrue with the Archdiocese, I met with both Ehresman and Schena Roofing last Monday to organize our ‘pre-construction’ timetable for the new roof on Holy Family Hall and its three adjoining classrooms. 
      At this point, actual work should begin in about a month, and should take about two weeks.  Two variables are still in the mix, however. First, I had no idea there was a trucking shortage, better understood as a lack of actual truck drivers, to transport materials, not just roofing materials but other items as well (groceries, produce, fuel, etc) throughout the entire country.  Getting the actual materials needed for the roof delivered on schedule is effected by this transporting concern.
      Secondly, while the actual work will take about two weeks, when roofs are involved, rain becomes an important factor.  No work can be done when rain happens, or the threat of rain is significantly high, particularly once the old roof has been removed.  Please pray for a very dry September!
      Our schedule is organized so that the roofing work is completed prior to the fall events scheduled throughout October.  Much of the work will actually be unseen for those who remain on the ground.  Unfortunately, we cannot give ‘roof tours’ afterward either, however, you will notice some important signs of this effort along the ceiling in Holy Family Hall as preparations are also being made for the new rooftop HVAC units that will ultimately heat and cool this portion of the building when the entire project is completed.  It will begin to take some of the pressure off our aging boiler system as well. 
      Slowly things are falling in place to prepare our facilities and campus for many more years of ministry and service to the ‘Nautical Mile’ neighborhood.  It’s one more sign of our steadfastness in prayer and our dedication and commitment to St. Lucy and the Archdiocese assuring others that we are not closing, but will be continue to be the presence of the risen Christ for another generation of families in St. Clair Shores.
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    • 2014 Fall Event
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